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On Thursday, April 3rd, starting at 6pm the URPP welcomes you to our research presentation and discussion on Social Media Management. Prof. Algesheimer will present the keynote "Challenges and Opportunities of Social Media Management". This presentation is based on an empirical study investigating Social Media Management in the largest companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in collaboration with Lithium Technologies, SAP, coUNDco, Netconomy and Etecture. After the keynote, we invited a panel discussing Social Media Management.

Panel participants

  • Sergio Mare, Leiter Online-Kommunikation, Migros
  • Jan Biller, Projektleiter Swisscom Support Community
  • Clemens Eckstein, Senior Expert eCommerce, Cortal Consors (BNP Paribas)
  • Kristin Hentschel, Projektleiterin Social Media Monitoring, Otto-Versand

Weiterführende Informationen

University of Zurich
Department of Business Administration
Chair for Marketing and Market Research
Andreasstrasse 15
8050 Zurich

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