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URPP Social Networks

URPP Closing Event: Speech from the Director

Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer, Director of the URPP Social Networks, presented at the celebration for the completion of the second series of the URPPs.

The University of Zurich (UZH) recently celebrated the completion of the second series of the University Research Priority Programs (URPP), which the URPP Social Networks has been part of since 2013. UZH is dedicated to addressing socially relevant problems through strategically selected research areas. The URPP supports the goals of long-term visibility, an interdisciplinary approach, and sustainability in research.

The second series of the URPP includes eight priority programs planned for twelve years, concluding at the end of 2024. During the celebration, the respective program directors provided an overview of their achievements and highlighted the accomplishments of their URPPs. All the priority programs successfully secured significant additional third-party funding, produced numerous publications, and created various networking opportunities.

Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer, URPP Social Networks Director and Chair of Marketing for Social Impact, delivered a short presentation showcasing the key highlights and achievements of their program. Below, you can watch the speech in German.

Slides: URPP Social Networks, Director Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer (PDF, 1 MB)

At the end of the event, participants met for an aperitif and a poster exhibition in the atrium. URPP members had the chance to present and discuss the key findings of their research on social networks.

Poster URPP

Special thanks to the URPP Social Networks members involved in the poster exhibition:

  • Jan Cieciuch, Eldad Davidov, Martin Kindschi, René Algesheimer: A social network approach to value preferences in adolescence.
  • Andrea Bublitz, Eli Sugerman, Gergely Nyilasy, Gita Johar: The mere sharing effect: sharing ambiguous information increases truth judgments.
  • Andrea Bublitz, Gita Johar: How personalized news feeds aggravate political polarization.
  • René Algesheimer, Mingmin Feng, Luca Lazzaro, Manuel Sebastian Mariani, Maria Poiaganova, Radu Tanase, Fei Wang: Bridging the micro-macro divide in social contagion.
Poster URPP team