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Selected Publications

Candrian, C., & Scherer, A. (2022). Rise of the machines: Delegating decisions to autonomous AIComputers in Human Behavior, 134, 107308. 


Ye, Y., Xu, S., Mariani, M. S., & Lü, L. (2022). Forecasting countries’ gross domestic product from patent dataChaos, Solitons & Fractals, 160, 112234. 


Merian, S., Stöeckli, S., Klaus, L. F., & Natter, M. (2022). Buy Three to Waste One? How Real-World Purchase Data Predict Groups of Food WastersSustainability, 14(16):10183. 


Wamsler, J., Natter, M., & Algesheimer, R. (2022). Transitioning to dynamic prices: Should pricing authority remain with the company or be delegated to the service employees instead? Journal of Business Research, 139, 1476–1488. 


Giuffredi-Kähr, A., Petrova, A. & Malär, L. (2022). Sponsorship Disclosure of Influencers – A Curse or a Blessing? Journal of Interactive Marketing, 57(1), 18-34.