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URPP Social Networks

ISMS Marketing Science Conference 2020

Duke University Fuqua School of Business, Durham, North Carolina, USA

During the ISMS Marketing Science Conference, 11th-13th June 2020, the following team members will be presenting:

- Debora Costa: The Green Gap: Why we would like to, but we do not behave sustainable. (PDF, 61 KB)Debora Costa, Radu Tanase, René Algesheimer

- Radu Tanase: Will it spread? Quantifying the predictability of new product diffusion in social networks. Radu Tanase, Manuel Mariani, Zhao Yang, René Algesheimer

- Manuel Mariani: The wisdom of the few: Predicting collective success from individual behavior. Manuel Mariani, Yanina Gimenez, Jorge Brea, Martin Minnoni, René Algesheimer, Claudio J. Tessone

- Jeroen van de Ochtend: The Effect Of Non-reciprocal Behavior On Community Participation: The Threat Of Inactive Members For Online Brand Communities. Jeroen van den Ochtend, Jacob Goldenberg, René Algesheimer