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URPP Social Networks

URPP Social Networks at Scientifica 2023

The URPP Social Networks team hosts a workshop during the Scientifica 2023 event.

The URPP Social Networks offers an engaging workshop titled "How we reach consensus – a scientific experiment" at Scientifica 2023

Participants take part in a social experiment that involves working with others to solve a well-known algorithmic problem. The purpose of this endeavor is to boost the collaborative abilities of all participants involved.

Following the activity, the URPP researchers provide insight into how scientists leverage these games to examine the connection between social network structure and human behavior.

No prior experience is required to participate, only a willingness to communicate and collaborate.
Join the workshop for an entertaining and enlightening experience!

Instructors: Dr. Radu Tanese and Luca Lazzaro 
Location: KOL F-152
Date and time: 02-03.09.2023 at 14:00h
It is open to everyone aged 10 and above.

About Scientifica
For nearly a decade now, ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich have been hosting an annual event where they open up their main buildings to the public on weekends. 

Every year, the universities dedicate "Scientifica" to a specific topic that they are researching in multiple disciplines. This event offers different formats for the general public and special activities for children. Additionally, the Zurich Science Days provide a specific program for decision-makers in politics and business.

The main focus is on researchers and educators who communicate their passion and fields of study in an engaging and understandable manner to visitors.