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Personal Branding and Digital Marketing: Course Guest Speakers

The bachelor course's 2023 edition features industry experts and young entrepreneurs, providing insights into the challenges and opportunities of modern marketing. 

A total of 12 guests collaborated on the 2023 edition of the bachelor course "Personal Branding and Digital Marketing" offered by the Chair of Marketing and Market Research, URPP Social Networks. Their support helped the approximately 200 registered students from 30+ nations to acquire highly demanded digital skills and offer a unique learning experience. 

The course content was designed to be maximally practical. Each session consisted of a mix of lectures, case studies, group exercises, and self-reflecting tasks and represented a "building block" connected to one another, which enables students to apply all learned principles, week after week, to a personal brand project

Guest lecturers UZH Personal Branding and Digital Marketing
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During the fast-paced, practical, and interactive program, each course topic has a domain-specific masterclass with practical insights from the industry. 

Brand creators showcase their projects in a TED talk-like style and discuss how they developed successful brands. 

We thank all the collaborators and the participants of the course.

More info about the course here