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Published Paper in "Physics Letters A"

Congratulations to Zhao Yang, Hui Liu and Jianhong Lin with the publishing of their paper "Modeling and simulations of the cascading failure of multiple interdependent R&D networks under risk propagation"

Authors: Hui Liu, Naiding Yang, Zhao Yang, Yanlu Zhang, Jianhong Lin
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Physics Letters A

Abstract: In this paper, we study the robustness of multiple interrelated R&D networks under risk propagation. Firstly, using a bi-partite graph to represent the interrelated R&D networks is emphasized and proposed. Secondly, a risk propagation model is built by defining risk load and risk capacity of each enterprise on a specific R&D network, Thirdly, we use simulations to study risk propagation in interrelated R&D networks. Our results indicate that there exist three critical thresholds to quantify the robustness of R&D networks. Risk propagation in R&D networks is highly affected by the heterogeneity of all enterprises' scales and risk capacities.