In 2013, the University Research Priority Program (URPP) Social Networks was founded with the aim of fostering research in, on and with social networks. In this URPP, we examine relationships between social structures and economic behavior with a focus on complex, networked systems. This interdisciplinary program investigates social networks by combining elements from economics, sociology, information technology, mathematics and physics.

Networks & Society


Society forms the context in which enterprises, organizations and individuals operate. Decisions and actions are fundamentally influenced by their social context. In turn, enterprises, organizations and individuals shape the social context they are living in. The importance of values for human behavior is beyond dispute. Values serve societal goals and enable individuals to cope with their social conditions. It is therefore quite surprising to see the extent to which this issue has been neglected by researchers in the area of business administration. This past neglect has made it essential to investigate the impact of social networks on the formation, prioritization, stabilization and change of values. Overview Research Groups

Networks & Organizations


The establishment, use, and replacement of resources in enterprises is significantly affected by network structures.

Although this topic is highly relevant to business administration, there is still need for clarification. What characterizes the structure of social networks and how do they affect the use of resources in strategic enterprises and in the economy overall? Overview Research Groups

Networks & Consumers


Research within this pillar has the general aim to investigate the role networks play for consumers and to reveal the basic mechanisms behind the formation of attitudes, preferences, values and opinions. Overview Research Groups