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URPP Social Networks


We regularly post news in connection to the University Research Priority Program on "Social Networks", our team, our research projects and courses, seminars or workshops devoted to this field.

For Events and Highlights from the past years, please have a look here.

News list

  • AI empathy research journal of business research

    Publication Alert: Research on AI Empathy in Journal of Business Research

    Prof. Dr. René Algesheimer, URPP Social Networks Director, and Alex Mari, Research Associate, were featured in the Journal of Business Research.

  • Publication Alert: Prof. Dr. Jan Cieciuch in American Psychologist

    URPP Social Networks Project leader Prof. Dr. Jan Cieciuch was featured in the American Psychologist.

  • Publication Alert: Dr. Manuel Mariani in Technological Forecasting and Social Change

    A new article, co-authored by Dr. Mariani, was recently published in the journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

  • A Journey Through Academia and Technology: Anne Scherer's Contributions

    Dr. Anne Scherer reflects on her academic milestones and their connection to current AI projects.

  • REndo R Package reaches 50,000 downloads

    R Package REndo, developed by the URPP Social Networks team, has passed 50,000 downloads on CRAN since its first release.

  • Personal Branding and Digital Marketing: Course Guest Speakers

    The bachelor course's 2023 edition features industry experts and young entrepreneurs, providing insights into the challenges and opportunities of modern marketing. 

  • REndo on Journal of Statistical Software

    New publication alert! The article "REndo: Internal Instrumental Variables to Address Endogeneity" is now available for download. 

  • Maria Poiaganova: Welcome to the Team!

    The URPP Social Networks team welcomes the new Research Associate, Maria Poiaganova

  • URPP Social Networks at Scientifica 2023

    The URPP Social Networks team hosts a workshop during the Scientifica 2023 event.

  • Alex Mari Attends Medici Summer School

    PhD Candidate Alex Mari was invited to the Medici Summer School at MIT Sloan. 

  • Visiting Professor Luxi Shen

    We are delighted to welcome Professor Dr. Luxi Shen from CUHK as our summer guest.

  • URPP Social Networks at EMAC 2023

    Our team from URPP Social Networks had the opportunity to participate in the European Marketing Association Conference.

  • Dr. Silvia Blas Riesgo: Welcome to the Team!

    The URPP Social Networks team welcomes the new Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr. Silvia Blas Riesgo.

  • PhD Seminar: Experimental Methods in Consumer Research

    Dr. Andrea Bublitz, Postdoc at the University of Zurich and Visiting Researcher at Columbia Business School, offers a seminar on Experimental Methods in Consumer Research (3 ECTS). 

  • Dr. Andrea Bublitz's Research Visit at Columbia Business School

    Postdoc Andrea Bublitz is currently at Columbia Business School, New York, for a one-year research visit.

  • Fei Wang: Welcome to the Team!

    The URPP Social Networks team welcomes the new Research Associate, Fei Wang. 

  • PhD Seminar: Seeding and Dissemination in User-Generated Content Networks

    Prof. Andreas Lanz, Assistant Professor of Marketing at HEC Paris offers a seminar on Seeding and Dissemination in User-Generated Content Networks (3 ECTS). 

  • Mingwei Wang: Visiting PhD Program Completion

    PhD student Mingwei Wang (UESTC) successfully completed his visiting program at the URPP Social Networks. 

  • Personal Branding and Digital Marketing Course: Guest List

    Thanks to the help of experts, the course provided insights into the challenges and opportunities modern marketers and entrepreneurs face when developing a brand. 

  • Anne Scherer

    Prof. Anne Scherer was Guest Speaker at the Retail Summit

    "Alexa or Alexis?" The question Prof. Scherer addressed during her speech at the 72nd International Retail Summit

  • Claudia Wenzel PhD Defense

    Claudia Wenzel defended her doctoral thesis

    Claudia Wenzel successfully earned a PhD in Business Administration (Marketing track) at the Chair for Marketing and Market Research, URPP Social Networks. 

  • Prof. Natter wins EURAM Best Paper Award

    Prof. Martin Natter wins EURAM Best Paper Award

    The European Academy of Management (EURAM) awarded Prof. Martin Natter and Prof. Agnes Bäker for Best Paper Award. 

  • Prof. Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr featured in the Oec. Magazine

    Prof. Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr featured in the Oec. Magazine

    Learn more about Andrea Giuffredi-Kähr, Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Digital Economy and member of the URPP Social Networks, in the portrait published by the Oec. Magazine. 

  • Claudia Wenzel DSI Excellence Program

    Claudia Wenzel successfully completed the DSI Excellence Program

    Congratulations to Claudia Wenzel and the other PhD candidates for obtaining the complementary excellence program. 

  • Andrea Bublitz Nominated for the SDG Impact Award

    Dr. Andrea Bublitz Nominated for the SDG Impact Awards

    We congratulate Dr. Andrea Bublitz on her well-deserved nomination and the impact on society, the environment and the economy.

  • URPP Social Networks Conferences 2022

    URPP Members: Conference, Training, Talk and Grant (Spring 2022)

    List of international events with contributions from Ph.D. students and Post Doctoral researchers members of the URPP Social Networks (Spring Semester 2022). 

  • Rigor and Relevance Research Award

    Winners of the Rigor and Relevance Research Award

    We congratulate our team members Dr. Bachmann PatrickProf. Dr. Markus Meierer and Jeffrey Näf for winning the prestigious “Rigor and Relevance Research Award” from the Swiss Academy of Marketing Science (SAMS) association.

  • Prof. Barak Libai URPP Social Networks University of Zurich

    Visiting Professor URPP Social Networks

    We are happy to announce that Prof. Barak Libai is the Visiting Professor for the Summer of 2022 at URPP Social Networks, University of Zurich.

  • Hollander Award for Best Retailing Paper, Academy of Marketing Science, AMS

    Best Retailing Paper Award by the Academy of Marketing Science

    Alex MariAndreina Mandelli and René Algesheimer are the recipients of the Stanley C. Hollander Award for Best Retailing Paper by the Academy of Marketing Science.


    Prof.René Algesheimer in HOI Z'EMA Podcast by Ema Krip

  • Andrea Bublitz

    Conference Dr. Andrea Bublitz

    Title of Andrea's presentation at the EMAC conference: The Overconfidence Bias on Social Media: How Non-diagnostic Cues for Knowledge Trigger a Miscalibration of News Knowledge

  • data collection

    New Innosuisse project to advance market research on social media

  • Prof. Barak Libai

    Visit of Prof. Barak Libai

  • PhD Andrea Bublitz

    Congratulations Andrea Bublitz!

    Congratulations on your PhD, Dr. Bublitz!

  • Defense Cindy Candrian

    Another doctor in the team! Congrats Dr. Candrian!

    Well done Cindy!!

  • Markus Meierer

    Markus Meierer is Assistant Professor at GSEM!

    The Geneva School of Economics and Management has appointed Markus Meierer as Assistant Professor - Congratulations!!

  • PhD Seminar Consumer wisdom Prof Luchs

    PhD Seminar Consumer Wisdom for Sustainable Consumption

  • PhD Candidate

    We are hiring PhD Candidates!

  • Jan Cieciuch

    2 publications by Jan Cieciuch

    Congratulations Jan with the publication of your 2 new papers!


  • Publicatin manuel

    New Publication

    "The local structure of citation networks uncovers expert-selected milestone papers"

  • Book cover

    Contemporary Issues in Digital Marketing

  • Nexoya

    Nexoya study

    AI-driven decisions for digital marketing campaigns

  • Nobel Prize 2021

    Nobel Prize in Physics

    Today, three scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physics for "groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of complex physical systems” and work that “laid the foundation of our knowledge of the Earth’s climate and how humanity influences it.”

    One of the scientists is Giorgio Parisi, from the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy. Manuel Mariani, who has been working in our team since four years now, wrote his master thesis under his supervision and together they published Manuel's very first paper: Calorimetric glass transition in a mean-field theory approach!

    Congratulations to both with your work and this brilliant achievement!

  • Team Event MGZ 2021

    Team Event Marketing Group Zurich

  • PhD Seminar Kerr Weibel 2021

    PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research

  • Journal of Business Research

    New Publication in Journal of Business Research!

  • Guest Lecture Series 2021

    Guest Lecture Series 2021 Data Science and Marketing

    Leveraging data to create business value - 11 UZH alumni report how businesses do data-driven decision making

  • New Publication Mariani

    New Publication

    Congratulations Manuel and his team with the publication of their new article!

    Title: Algorithmic bias amplification via temporal effects: The case of PageRank in evolving networks

    It appears in: "Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation" Journal

  • Patrick Bachmann at ETH Zurich

    Patrick Bachmann at ETH Zurich

  • Defence Elena Golofast

    Congratulations Elena with your doctoral degree!

  • Prof. Anne Scherer

    Interview with Prof. Anne Scherer about AI and Bots

  • Radu Certificate

    Congratulations Radu with your Certificate in Business Sustainability Management!

  • Marketing for Sustainable Consumption

    New Seminar in Fall 2021

    We are happy to announce our new seminar for master students, Marketing for Sustainable Consumption, which starts in September 2021.

  • Anne Scherer

    What conversations with machines can teach us about our conversations with humans

    In her TED talk, Anne explains how machines can give us a break from the urge of self presentation but also the fear of social judgment. Actually, machines can teach us a lot about our interactions and conversations with humans. Have a look and get inspired here!

  • Job Offer Anne Scherer June 2021

    Job Offer!

    Prof. Dr. Anne Scherer is looking for a student assistant to help on one of her projects! Found out more here!


    GSERM 2021 Summer School

    Katherine Rother is currently participating at the GSERM Summer school. She joins the course "Experimental Methods for Behavioral Science". It will help her structure some experiments she will be conducting on consumer behavior in sustainable marketing topics.

  • EMAC

    EMAC: Andrea Bublitz, National Representative for Switzerland!

  • EMAC 2021

    EMAC Conference 2021

  • EMAC Manuel Mariani

    EMAC Conference - Talk Manuel Mariani

    Manuel will be presenting on the annual EMAC conference, taking place 25 - 28 May.

  • System dynamics (SD) is a well-established approach within the systems sciences for the purpose of modeling and simulating dynamic (i.e., changing) and complex (i.e., caused by many interrelated variables) policy problems (Sterman, 2000). The goal of SD is to design new policies that are effective in the short and long-term to control or “solve” the problem of concern. Key applications of SD can be found in sustainability research (circular economy) and health care (integrated health care). The policy design process, however, is challenging particularly in comprehensive SD models with many model variables and relationships. Recent research demonstrated that measures from network controllability can help in identifying influential “nodes” in SD models that can be the foundation for policy design (Schoenenberger et al., 2021). Among network controllability analytical tools, the focus so far has been on the control centrality measure (Liu, Slotine, Barabasi, 2012) to be applied to a graph/network representation of SD models. In this context, Schoenenberger et al. (2021) developed a software (called “Executive System Analysis”) to integrate network analytical tools into the SD modeling and analysis process. The software is implemented in Java using the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP). The goal of this thesis is to develop further the Executive System Analysis software in order to systematically evaluate the usefulness of network analytical tools for the analysis of SD models. More specifically, this thesis entails the following steps:  (i)	“Quick” literature review on measures/indices in the area of network control, and similar fields in network science.  (ii)	Identification of “promising” network analytical tools for the analysis of SD models. Implementation of such tools into the existing software application “Executive System Analysis”. Priority should be given to the integration of the package “CalControlCentrality” into the software. The “CalControlCentrality” package was developed by Liu, Slotine, and Barabasi (2012) and is currently hosted by Harvard University. “CalControlCentrality” calculates control centrality indices for all nodes in a given network/SD model.  (iii)	Testing of the implemented network analytical tools on a sample of well-known SD models (iv)	Evaluating of the potential of network analytical tools for the analysis of SD models  Required skills: programming (ideally first experiences in Java programming), interest in network science/network controllability and systems sciences  References: Liu Y-Y, Slotine J-J, Barabási A-L (2011). Controllability of complex networks. Nature, 473:167–173 Liu Y-Y, Slotine J-J, Barabási A-L (2012). Control centrality and hierarchical structure in complex networks. PLoSONE, 7:e44459 Schoenenberger L, Schmid A, Tanase R, Beck M, Schwaninger M (2021). Structural analysis of system dynamics models. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, In Press. Sterman J. Business dynamics. Systems thinking and modeling for a complex world. Maidenhead, Berkshire: McGraw Hill Education; 2000

    PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research

    During the next PhD Seminar, 18th May, Claudia and Anne will be presenting their project. The title of the presentation is "Sharing Data for Social Good: From Uninformed Consent to Misinformed Dissent".

  • Structural Analysis of System Dynamics Models

    Structural Analysis of System Dynamics Models

    Congratulations Radu with the publication of your paper!


  • Value of aggregators

    New Paper: Value of Aggregators

    Search aggregators may not have the market power many have thought. Travel consumers demonstrate higher loyalties to specific airline brands over specific aggregator brands.

  • Opinion Making Manuel Mariani

    New accepted paper

    Congratulations to Manuel with the publication of your paper!

    The title of the paper is "The fragility of opinion formation in a complex world". Abstract and more information can be found here.

    Also have a look at this news, in German, where the article of Matúš Medo and Manuel is covered

  • Data Café

    Data Café

    Claudia Wenzel involved at the Data Café project, initiated by the non-profit association

  • Internship


    Internship for students of Business Administration

  • Anne Scherer

    Debate on the future of data usage

    As part of SAP Now Switzerland Digital Weeks 2021 NZZ has invited Anne Scherer, Assistant Professor for Quantitative Marketing at University of Zurich,  as a guest speaker at this online debate.

    "Wem gehören unsere Daten?",  Tuesday 13 April 18:30 - 20:00


  • Anne Scherer Student Assistant

    We are hiring!

    We are looking for a student assistant. Details can be found here.

  • Sustainable retailing and marketing

    Sustainable Retailing and Marketing

  • PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research

  • PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research

    PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research

  • Anne Scherer TEDxZurich


    Anne Scherer at TEDxZurich


    GSERM - Winter School

    Claudia Wenzel and Debora Costa, both PhD candidates at our chair, recently participated at the course: “Mediation, Moderation and Conditional Process Analysis I”, offered by GSERM,850  

    We were interested to know how they experienced this online class! To find our more use this link.


  • Marketing Science

    New Publication

    Congratulations Patrick Bachmann, Markus Meierer and Jeffrey Näf!

    Their paper "The Role of Time-Varying Contextual Factors in Latent Attrition Models for Customer Base Analysis" is online and available here.

  • R Package

    New Publication

    Congratulations Raluca Gui, Marcus Meierer and René Algesheimer on getting your article published!


  • Defence Jeroen van den Ochtend

    Defence Jeroen van den Ochtend

  • TEDxZurich


    What Interactions With Machines Can Teach Us About Our Interactions With Humans

    Join the TEDxZurich Livestream and talk of our colleague Dr. Anne Scherer at 3.12, 19:00

  • Science Direct

    New publication

    Publication of a new article!

    "Absence of a resolution limit in in-block nestedness"

  • MGZ Vaumarcus

    MGZ Team Event - Vaumarcus

    MGZ Team Event Vaumarcus, Neuchâtel

  • Patrick Bachmann

    Defence Patrick Bachmann

    Congratulations Patrick Bachmann on earning you PhD!

    Last week, Patrick explained us 3 research papers and was given the highest grade for his work! Well done and all the very best for your next adventure!

  • PNAS

    New publication

    Congratulations to Alexander, Martin, René and Heiko for the publication of their article:

    "Human social preferences cluster and spread in the field". For more information and details have a look here!

  • Conference 2020

    Conferences 2020

  • Duke University Fuqua School of Business, Durham, North Carolina, USA

    ISMS Marketing Science Conference 2020

  • Manuel Mariani

    Network-based ranking in social systems: three challenges

  • Aggregators

    Value of Aggregators

    Congratulations Selin with the publication of “Value of Aggregators” in Marketing Science! Below is the abstract to this paper:

  • Anne Scherer TA Swiss AI

    When algorithms decide for us: the challenges of artificial intelligence

    If public institutions or companies use artificial intelligence (AI), they should do so according to clear rules, in a comprehensible and transparent manner. This is the recommendation of the TA-SWISS study on dealing with AI.

  • Conferences

    New publication

    Congratulations Selin with the publication of "Value of Aggregators" in Marketing Science! Below is the abstract to this paper:

  • Covid19

    Trend analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic in China and the rest of the world

    Congratulation to Albertine Weber, Flavio Iannelli and Sebastian Goncalves with their preprint!

  • Deep Dive into Blockchain Summer School

    Deep Dive into Blockchain - Summer School

    Prof. Dr. Claudio J. Tessone and the UZH Blockchain Center are hosting a Summer School in July 2020:  Deep Dive into Blockchain

  • Claudia Wenzel at Shift 2020

    Claudia Wenzel at Shift 2020

    Consumers and their data – Caring but sharing

  •   It is our pleasure to announce that during the Spring Term FS 2020 the upcoming Lecture Series of the Blockchain Center of UZH will welcome a number of distinguished experts with very interesting topics.  Prof. Nicola Dimitri, Ph.D. of the University of Sienna will talk about “War of Attrition and the Cost of Smart Contracts in Ethereum”.

    Lecture Series of Blockchain Center of UZH – BCC UZH

  • Publication Mariani

    New Publication

    Congratulations to Manuel and his team with their newly accepted paper in Journal of Informetrics.

    Title: Unbiased evaluation of ranking metrics reveals consistent performance in science and technology citation data

  • Wayne Hoyer

    PhD Seminar on Consumer Behavior

    Prof. Dr. Wayne Hoyer (University of Texas at Austin) one of the world's leading researchers in the field of consumer behavior will be visiting us in March this year. Prof. Hoyer will also be teaching during the PhD Seminar on Consumer Behavior.(16-18 March 2020)


  • Recommending investors for new startups

    Publication new article

    Congratulations Manuel and his team for publishing a new article!

  • Giona Casiraghi

    Guest Talk: Giona Casiraghi

    Dr. Giona Casiraghi is our next guest in the PhD Seminar on Network Science, 10 December.

  • Puneet Manchanda

    Guest Visit: Puneet Manchanda

    Professor Puneet Manchanda, Professor of Marketing at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan will give us a visit and be our guest speaker at our PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research.

  • Guest Talk: Giacomo Vaccario

    Guest Talk: Giacomo Vaccario

    Giacomo Vaccario from the ETH will be presenting in our PhD Seminar on Network Science, Tuesday 19th November

  • Alex Mari Conference

    Conference speaker Alex Mari

    Marketing Analytics Summit, Milan

  • Flaviano Morone

    Guest talk: Flaviano Morone

    Next Guest and Speaker of the PhD Seminar in Research on Network Science is Flaviano Morone

    Day and Time: 5th November. 10:15
    Location: AND 4.57, Andreasstrasse 15, Zurich

  • New Publication

    New Publication

    Congratulations to Hui Liu, Naiding Yang, Zhao Yang, Jianhong Lin, Yanlu Zhang with the publication of a new article in Physica A.
    "The impact of firm heterogeneity and awareness in modeling risk propagation on multiplex networks". More Info

  • Zurich meets Seoul Festival

    Zurich meets Seoul

    Last week, researcher from Switzerland and South Korea met in Seoul to talk about Blockchain and its applications. Claudio Tessone, director of the UZH Blockchain Center also presented and pointed out the similar development of blockchain technologies in both countries. More details about the "Zurich meets Seoul Festival" can be found here.

  • New paper in New Journal of Physics.

    New Paper in New Journal of Physics

  • MatusMedo8.10.19PhD eminarNetworkScience

    Guest Talk: Matus Medo, Fribourg University

    We are happy to announce that Matus Medo from Fribourg University will be with us, 8th October to talk about "Universal patterns of impact of online news articles".

  • Cambridge University Press

    Publication in Cambridge Core: Values in adolescent friendship networks

  • WEFAnneScherer

    World Economic Forum: Anne Scherer's nomination

    Nomination of Anne Scherer to join World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council in the area Consumption

  • Xi Chen

    Guest Talk: Xi Chen, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

    Causal Inference 101: Causal Graph, Potential Outcome and Identification Strategies

  • Welcome Deborah to the team!

  • Welcome Katherine to the team!

  • EditShalevGuestTalkcorrect

    Guest Talk: Edith Shalev, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

    Title of Edith's talk: The Dual Effect of Perceived Centrality on Conformity to Group Preference

  • Paper

    Paper in Physics Reports

  • EMAC

    Conferences 2019

  • UZH Blockchain Center

    Competence Centre on Blockchain

  • Edith Shalev

    Guest Talk: Edith Shalev

  • Sawtooth Software

    Claudia Wenzel receives Sawtooth Software Grant

  • Job talks of Debora Costa and Maciek Stanasiuk

    Job talks

  • 1 Swiss Symposium

    1st Swiss Symposium Blockchain Research -14th May 2019

  • Physics Letters A

    Published Paper in "Physics Letters A"

    Congratulations to Zhao Yang, Hui Liu and Jianhong Lin with the publishing of their paper "Modeling and simulations of the cascading failure of multiple interdependent R&D networks under risk propagation"

    Authors: Hui Liu, Naiding Yang, Zhao Yang, Yanlu Zhang, Jianhong Lin
    More information on the paper.

  • Irene Scopelliti

    Guest Talk: Irene Scopelliti, Cass Business School, University of London

    Title: Putting the “Self” Back into Self-Control: Superordinate Goal Violation and Anticipated Regret Characterize Self-Control Failures

  • Alexandre Bovet

    Guest Talk: Alexandre Bovet, ICTEAM UCLouvain & naXys UNamur, Belgium

    Title: "Influence of fake news in Twitter during the 2016 US presidential election"

  • URPP_Site Visit

    URPP on Social Networks - Site Visit

  • Conference_ic2s2_2019

    Conference IC2S2 2019 in Amsterdam

    Title: "Social Influence in the Presence of Homophily: Method-Comparison Across Multiple Scenarios"

  • PaperAccepted

    Accepted Paper in Network Science

  • URPPSocialNetworks

    Social Networks Lab

    Social Network Lab: The URPP Social Network has successfully kicked-off their social network lab initiatives. With different forms of lab facilities the URPP plans to use this lab for future network interventions

  • Jacobs Center

    Jacobs Center Collaboration

    René Algesheimer has been invited to join the esteemed Jacobs Center of Productive Youth Development at the University of Zurich as Research Affiliate. René will be supervising work on network interventions planned during this collaboration.

  • Martin Kindschi Interview

    Interview in UZH Magazin with Martin Kindschi: "Many people feel anxious and disconcerted"

    How do values arise, and how do they change? An interview with social ethics expert Monika Wilhelm and economist Martin Kindschi.

  • Peter Fader

    PhD Course on Probability Models and CLV Analysis

    We are happy to welcome Peter Fader (Wharton University of Pennsylvania) and Bruce Hardie (London Business School) in Zurich this spring term FS 2019.
    They will be giving a two-day course on probability models and customer lifetime value. The course will take place from 23 to 24 May 2019 (9am – 5pm and 9am – 4pm)

    Fore more information, please have a look at the UZH Course Catalogue

  • The PIIK Ringier

    Gipfelblick with Marc Walder

    It is a great pleasure to announce that we will continue THE PIIK Gipfelblick this fall with the following guest:

    Marc Walder, CEO Ringier AG

    Please save the date! To stay informed about the upcoming event follow us on Facebook: THE PIIK Gipfelblick on Facebook

    More information can be found here.

  • Dissertation Martin Kindschi

    Dissertation Martin Kindschi

    Last year we celebrated the dissertation of three PhD Students in total!  One of them is Martin Kindschi, who hold his defense on 19th December 2018.

    The title of his talk: "Social Support and Financial Decision-Making. Dynamics in Friendship and Advice Networks ".

    Congratulation to all of you and good luck for your further journey!

  • Dario Mazzilli and Flavio Iannelli

    Guest Talks of Dario Mazzilli and Flavio Iannelli

    We are happy to announce the visit of two guest speaker at our chair, on Monday 28th January.
    Dario Mazzilli: "Modeling and forecasting countries’ growth: new methods and data." 12:30 - 13:30
    Flavio Iannelli: "Influencers Identification: From Effective Distance To ViralRank."
    13:30 - 13:30
    More details can be found on Marketing Group Zurich.

  • Leif Brandes

    Guest Talk Leif Brandes, University of Luzern

    Leif Brandes will be our guest on 26th March in the PhD Seminar in Quantitative Marketing Research. Title of this talk is "Extremity Bias in Online Reviews: A Field Experiment"

    More details can be found on Marketing Group Zurich.

  • Tel Aviv

    Workshop at IDC Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Earlier this month some members of our team were invited to present their projects during a workshop at the IDC Herzliya in Tel Aviv.

  • SPSP Convention Bublitz

    SPSP Convention and Pre Conference on the Psychology of Media and Technology,

    February 7th, Andrea Bublitz presented the project "News Consumption on Social Media: When do we actually read the news that we like?", in collaboration with Anne Scherer and René Algesheimer at the SPSP Convention in Portland

  • Blockchain

    Lecture Series on Blockchain Research

    Today is the launch of a new Lecture Series of the UZH Blockchain Center. We are happy to welcome Dr Shermin Voshmgir, Director of the Research Institute for Cryptoeconomics from WU in Vienna.

  • AI in Marketing

    The PIIK - Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

  • Big Data Workshop

    The URPP on "Social Networks" organized a workshop on the topic of "Big Data".

  • PhD Seminar with Prof. Skyler J. Cranmer

    The URPP on "Social Networks" invites Prof. Skyler J. Cranmer to join our Chair to present the PhD seminar "Introduction to Exponential Random Graph Models" starting Monday, May 5th until Wednesday, May 7th.

  • Social Media Management - Research presentation and discussion

    The URPP welcomes you to our research presentation and panel discussion on Social Media Management on Thursday, April 3rd, starting at 6pm in the Aula at the University of Zurich.

  • Research visit Prof. Jacob Goldenberg

    The URPP invites Prof. Jacob Goldenberg to Zurich for his research visit on April 28th 2014.

  • Research visit Prof. David Mazursky

    The URPP invites Prof. David Mazursky for his research visit on April 28th 2014.

  • New Postdoc Positions

    The URPP offers two new postdoctoral research positions starting April 1st 2014.

  • Research Visit Prof. Sebastiano Alessio Delre

    The URPP on "Social Networks" invites Prof. Sebastiano Alessio Delre to join the Chair for Marketing and Market Research for his research visit in February.

  • Research Visit Prof. Santo Fortunato

    The URPP on „Social Networks“ invites Prof. Santo Fortunato from Aalto University School of Science for a research visit at the Chair for Marketing and Market Research in January and February.

  • PhD Seminar Prof. Santo Fortunato

    Prof. Santo Fortunato is visiting us from 25.11.2013 until 29.11.2013 to teach the PhD Seminar "Network Dynamics".

  • Open Assistant Professor positions in 2014

    The Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Information Technology offers multiple Assistant Professor positions in 2014.

  • René Algesheimer in Social Executive Lounge

    René Algesheimer participates on the Social Executive's Lounge.

  • PhD Seminar with Prof. Santo Fortunato

    We welcome Prof. Santo Fortunato at the University of Zurich.

  • New team member Patrick Bachmann

    Starting September 2013, Patrick Bachmann joins our team at the Chair for Marketing and Market Research.

  • New team member Raluca Gui

    Raluca Gui joins our team at the Chair for Marketing and Market Research.

  • New team member Abel Camacho Guardian

    Abel Camacho Guardian joins our team at the Chair for Marketing and Market Research.

  • Informal URPP kick-off

    Informal URPP kick-off event with apéro and presentation of our projects

  • Kick-off Event New URPPs

    Official Kick-Off event for new UZH URPPs.

  • URPP "Social Networks" launched

    Our URPP "Social Networks" has started.

  • New UZH related URPPs

    Official Kick-Off for all new UZH related URPPs

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