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Conferences 2019


Also, this year, The URPP has been very active during the “Conference Season”! Below you will find a selection of some Conferences we have visited.

February 2019:

PDP Euro Micro (13-15 February. Pavia, Italy). Paper contribution: “Using Network Emulation to study Blockchain Distributed Systems: The Ethereum Case". Claudio Tessone

SPSP Convention (7-9 February. Portland, US). Poster Presentation: News Consumption on Social Media: When do we actually read the news that we like? Andrea Bublitz

May 2019:

NetSci 2019 (27-31 May, Burlington, Vermont, USA) Title of presentation: Discoverers of success in temporal networks. Claudio Tessone

EMAC (29-31 May. Hamburg, Germany)

Title of presentation:

  • “Belief Updating Bias in Interactions with Artificial Agents”. Cindy Candrian
  • “Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Distinguishing Social Influence from Shared Personality Traits”. Jeroen van den Ochtend

EMAC Doctoral Colloquium (29-31 May. Hamburg, Germany)

Title of presentation:

  • “News Consumption on Social Media: Uninformed but Unaware?” Andrea Bublitz

Also attended the EMAC Conference: Claudia Wenzel, Radu Tanase

June 2019:

Attended the Insurance Data Science Conference (14 June. ETH Zurich): Markus Meierer

Attended the AMA – Consumer Behavior SIG 5-7 June. Bern): Andrea Bublitz and Claudia Wenzel

So Big Data Workshop (4 June. Zurich). Invited talk: “Cryptocurrencies: Misleading Incentives and Emergent Behaviour”. Claudio Tessone

Attended the Designing High Quality Empirical Research Workshop (14 June. IMD Lausanne): Radu Tanase

Complexity 72h (17 - 21 June. Lucca, Italy) Keynote speaker. Title of Presentation: “A Complex Systems Approach to Crytocurrecies". Claudio Tessone

INFORMS Marketing Science (20 - 22 June. Roma, Italy). Title of presentation: "Switch or Repeat? The Hidden and Visible Effect of Social Influence on Purchase Decisions". Radu Tanase

July 2019:

Attended the EuroPython (8-14 July. Basel): Markus Meierer

useR!2019 (9-12 July. Toulouse, France) Title of Presentation: “REndo: An R package to address endogeneity without external instrumental variables”. Raluca Gui

Crypto Valley Conference (24 - 26 June. Zug) Keynote speaker. Title of Presentation: “The Economic Functioning of Cryptocurrencies” Claudio Tessone

IC2S2  5th International Conference on Computational Social Science (17 - 20 July. Amsterdam, Netherlands). Presentation topic: “Social Influence in the presence of homophily: Method-comparison across multiple scenarios” Jeroen van den Ochtend