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Word Cloud Alumni


Anne Scherer, former Assistant Professor of Quantitative Marketing and Co-Director of URPP Social Networks, is now Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Delta Labs AG. The mission of Delta Labs is to harmonize technological advancement with human-centric solutions. 


Mingwei Wang from the School of Management and Economics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, has completed his one-year visiting Ph.D. program funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). 

Claudia Wenzel completed her PhD thesis on the topic of "The social dilemma of personal data – Understanding people’s inconsistency in sharing data for social versus personal good and how to overcome it". She is currently a Data Scientist at Swiss Airlines. 

Cindy Candrian has successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Competing in the Age of Al: Understanding and Leveraging the Human Factor." She is currently a Business Consultant at Orange Business Services. 

Andrea Bublitz completed her PhD in Business Administration with a thesis entitled "The miscalibration of online news knowledge: Why consumers feel better informed than they objectively are."

Markus Meierer is Assistant Professor at the Geneva School of Economics and Management, since 1 February 2022. Before that he was Post Doc researcher at our chair and head of the project “Networks & Consumers” at our URPP Social Networks.


Jeroen van den Ochtend has obtained his PhD from the University of Zurich and got offered a position as Senior Data Scientist at Cembra Money Bank in Zurich.


After Patrick Bachmann successfully finished his PhD he was hired as a post doctoral researches at the Chair of Technology Marketing lead by Florian von Wangenheim, ETH.

Zhao Yang started working at Roche as a Data Scientist after having completed his PhD at the University of Zurich and having worked as a Post Doctoral researcher at the chair.

Raluca Gui successfully completed her PhD studies at the University of Zurich and started working as a Data Scientist in HR Analytics at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Selin Akca who was an Assistant Professor of Marketing at our chair now works as a Marketing Data Scientist at ABB.


Martin Kindschi obtained his PhD from the University of Zurich and started working at the Jacob's Center as Project Manager Bunavia.


Margot Löwenberg obtained her PhD from the University of Zurich. She is still teaching Marketing Analytics and she is a regular guest speaker at our guest lectures. Currently she works at Swiss International Air Lines as a Senior Manager Data Projects.

Xin Yu Zou obtained his PhD from the University of Zurich he worked as a senior Data Scientist at King in London and currently he is a Data Analysis Engineer at vivo in Guangdong in China.


Abel Camacho Guardian obtained his PhD from the University of Zurich. He is currently working as a Senior Data Analyst at Digitec Galaxus AG.

Alexander Grimm obtained is PhD from the University of Zurich. He is the Co-founder of aspaara.


Sebastian Delre worked as a research associate at the chair of Marketing and Market Research. Currently, he is an Associate Professor at Montpellier Business School.