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Monographs and edited special issues



  1. Wenzel, C. (2023). Dissertation. The social dilemma of personal data – Understanding people’s inconsistency in sharing data for social versus personal good and how to overcome it. Zürich.Zora

  2. Scherer, A., & Candrian, C. (2023). You & AI: Alles über Künstliche Intelligenz und wie sie unser Leben prägt. Books On Demand.

  3. Wenzel, C. (2023). Dissertation. The social dilemma of personal data – Understanding people’s inconsistency in sharing data for social versus personal good and how to overcome it. Zürich. Zora



  1. Bublitz, A. (2022). Dissertation: The miscalibration of online knowledge: Why consumers feel better informed than they objectively are. Zürich.Zora

  2. Candrian, Cindy Michelle (2022). Dissertation: Competing in the Age of AI: Understanding and Leveraging the Human Factor. Zürich.Zora

  3. Golofast, Elena (2022). Dissertation: Einfluss von sozialen Präferenzen auf die Profitabilität einer Social Shopping Community. Zürich.Zora

  4. Tipaldi, P. (2022). Dissertation: Pricing and the Relationship Between Consumer and Firm. University of Zurich.Zora



  1. Gui, R. (2021). Dissertation: Endogeneity in Marketing Research. Zürich.Zora

  2. Van den Ochtend, J. (2021). Dissertation: The Impact of Social Influence on Consumer Behavior. Zürich.Zora

  3. Wamsler, J. (2021). Dissertation: Digitally Enabled Pricing and promotion Strategies. Zürich.



  1. Bachmann, P. (2020). Dissertation: Customer Lifetime Value: Relevance, Improvement and Implementation of Existing Models in Non Contractual Settings. Zürich.

  2. Christen, Markus; Mader, Clemens; Čas, Johann; Abou-Chadi, Tarik; Bernstein, Abraham; Braun Binder, Nadja; Dell’Aglio, Daniele; Fábián, Luca; George, Damian; Gohdes, A., Hilty, L., Kneer, M., Krieger-Lamina, J., Licht, H., Scherer, A., Som, C., Sutter, P., Thouvenin, F. (2020). Wenn Algorithmen für uns entscheiden: Chancen und Risiken der künstlichen Intelligenz.TA-Swiss-Publikationsreihe (Hg.), Zürich, vdf. Journal Zora



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  2. Kindschi, M. (2019). Dissertation: Basic human values, social support and financial decision-making: dynamics in friendship and advice networks (Zürich).JournalZora

  3. Mari, A. (2019). The rise of machine learning in marketing: Goal, process, and benefit of AI-driven marketing. Zürich.JournalZora

  4. Ramos, A., Davidov, E., Schmidt, P., Rosales, M. V., & Maskileyson, D. (Eds.) (2019). Immigration from the Migrants’ Perspective. Special Issue: Social Inclusion, 7(4).JournalZora

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  7. Tanase, R. P. (2018). Dissertation: Social influence: identification, effect and extensions (Zürich).Zora



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  2. Yang, Z. (2017). Dissertation: Unethical customer behavior: causes, consequences, detection and managerial implications (Zürich).Zora



  1. Algesheimer, R., & Fruth, N. (Eds.). (2016). Giant Growth. The ultimate guide to hands-on, successful, and sustainable social media growth. Website

  2. Zou, X.-Y. (2016). Dissertation: Selected Topics in Product and Internet Marketing (Zürich).Zora



  1. Löwenberg, M. (2015). Dissertation: Dynamic Processes in Marketing – An Application of Multilevel Models to Assess Firm and Salesperson Performance Development (Zürich).Zora



  1. Salzborn, S., Davidov, E., & Reinecke, J. (Eds.). (2012). Methods, theories, and empirical applications in the social sciences: Festschrift for Peter Schmidt.JournalZora

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